Financial Market Data APIs

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It is a new game out there. The convergence of zero-cost trading, fractional shares, and the effects of the pandemic have awakened a new generation of investors empowered with a whole new set of expectations. 极速赛车1分钟 - 一分钟极速赛车168官网开奖记录历史查询-号码查询赛车168极速直播. The opportunity is enormous and the fight to earn the business of those investors rages on. Its outcome will shape financial services for years to come.



AWS Partner


Xignite 极速赛车168开奖官方开奖查询网站 has been delivering innovative market data APIs for two decades. Our APIs are designed for your business success; their coverage and usability let you acquire and engage investors; the quality of our data and the dependability of our services enable you to retain clients and grow your business; and our high-touch support helps you transform your products into domination in the market.

Xignite's Market Data as a Service was the first market data platform built natively to run in AWS and today we are one of the few vendors that is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with a Financial Services Competency

One Solution for All Your Financial Data

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Market data is the ammunition you need to win. 168极速赛车开奖记录查询结果, 开奖号码, 开奖历史记录, 1分钟开奖查询, 极速赛车168开奖体彩网, 赛车数据直播, 极速赛车1分钟开奖官方数据结果. It must be accurate, reliable, plentiful, and match the caliber of your business. How much will your amazing new app really shine if it is fed substandard information? A missing split will drive your customers to competitors. An outage during a market run will cause outcries on your support lines.

Built by developers for developers, Xignite 极速赛车168开奖官方开奖查询网站 Cloud APIs seamlessly integrate and quickly deliver financial data to consuming applications.
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Robust And Easy Access

Robust And Easy Access

Xignite 极速赛车168开奖官方开奖查询网站 financial market data APIs have set the standard for usability and scalability for more than 14 years

Broad Coverage

Real-time, to historical, fundamental and reference data; all asset classes - equities, ETFs, crypto, options, FX, futures, bonds, credit markets and more.

Quality Data

Quality Data

Xignite 极速赛车168开奖官方开奖查询网站 Cloud APIs are sourced from leading providers such as FactSet and Morningstar as well as Xignite’s own curated, high-quality data.