Entitlements and Usage Microservice

Easily Control Access to Data

Xignite Entitlements and Usage Microservice is a cloud-native market data access control and reporting solution that enables financial services firms to have complete control and transparency of data consumption and usage, and provides reports of data usage across various data sets, users and applications to ensure vendor compliance.


Increase Transparency of Data  Consumption

Bring full transparency in where, how, and by whom your data is used both on and off the cloud.

Minimize Exchange Audit Risk

Minimize market data compliance risk with a full audit trail and the ability to entitle and control any type of market data (real-time, reference, etc.).

Optimize Data Costs

Optimize data costs using on-demand entitlements and built-in usage analytics.

Accelerate Time to Market

Accelerate time to market for any new applications by integrating all entitlement and usage reporting functionality.

Breeze Through Audits

Streamline exchange reporting and compliance using pre-configured standard reports.

Want to reduce your data bill by up to 40% this year?


 Xignite's Entitlements and Usage Microservice allows you to have complete control and transparency of data consumption and usage.

  • Flexible Entitlement Policies

    Flexible rule-based entitlement policies and role-based assignments applicable to all entitlement models (terminals, data feeds, snapshots, cloud APIs, on-demand, circuit breakers, etc.).

  • Easily Restrict or Grant Access to Data

    Control by data source, data types, exchange feed products, data categories and/or data fields as well as enforce usage limit based restrictions.

  • RESTful Entitlements APIs

    Hyper-scalable RESTful entitlements APIs for integration directly into applications and other microservices.

  • Complete Audit Trail

    Complete audit trail of all entitlements, assignments and other changes.

  • Entitlements Admin Portal

    Intuitive entitlements portal for administrative users and market data managers.

  • Usage Reports

    Detailed usage and entitlements reports for internal, vendor and exchange reporting.